Ana and Alvydas Griskevic are cherishing old traditions of baking Vilnius district honey cookies.
Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania. It is the oldest of the European Union in the state. This country is located on the Baltic Sea. Otherwise known as the heart of Europe.

Alvydas has inherited old recipes of this product from his mother, she learn about it from her grandparents. Ana and Alvydas want to save this nice tradition, therefore, they are involving their children – Emilija and Petras - into the process of baking honey cookies.

“Vilnius Honey Cookies” are made of natural honey and butter.
“Piernikas”(gingerbread) is a kind of honey cookies that is traditional in Vilnius, it is a kind of light bakery that is sometimes glazed. Saving mistresses make this delicious product without adding honey.

Griskevic family is offering a wide range of honey cookies of various shapes and sizes not only for children, but also for adults.

You are welcome to add a name or a nice greeting on the honey cookie you are ordering.

Order today and you will get an original present that smells and tastes really wonderful and has the name of the addressee or a nice greeting on it!

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