St. Casimir's Day is celebrated on March 4th. He is the saint patron of Lithuania and his feast day is very popular among the people even today.

St. Casimir's Fair that is held on the 4th of March is a large annual folk arts and crafts fair dating to the beginning of the 17th century. Many pilgrims came to Vilnius from various Lithuanian places. After services in the cathedral, the people lingered for a while. This gave rise to the so-called (Casimir's Fair). Thousands of sellers, buyers and visitors came to these fairs.

One of the most typical Fair merchandise was (Vilnius Honey Cookie), decorated with colored sugar flowers, zig-zags, dots and birds. Popular men's and women's names were written on the cookies. People bought and gave them to selected loved ones. It was a custom to bring some back for anyone who had to remain home. Long ago girls from Vilnius district decorated walls of their houses with such heart-shaped honey cookies. It was believed that they bring luck.

For every member of the family honey cookie can be baked with the name inscribed on a heart-shaped cookie decorated with colored sugar designs.

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